Mike Yarema is a Tucson based multi-media artist who loves painting and currently makes a living as an actor. Inspired by cartoons, comics and screen printing, Yarema likes to focus on the idea of perception. Without an intentional focus on alternate, impeding or enhanced perception, Yarema calls his work “just a bunch of crazy birds.”

While not qualifying himself as a cartoonist, Yarema allows himself to be swept up in an imaginary world of amplified colors, kooky characters and exuberant frustration. Yarema's work propels his theory that “there are no rules in expression.” This perceived lack of fields and limitations leads to a large variety with a similar theme.


"Sometimes, I like to imagine that Mike Yarema lives in a magical world that is nestled comfortably between Jim Henson-ville and Tim Burton-land. The airplane flight to get there is long... but the airline security check is absolutely unforgettable! "

-Michael McCrory

"This has a very Japanese sumi ink quality to it that I find particularly appealing. Obviously the small umbrella symbolizes our inability to understand the power of the natural world and yet his face expresses a nonchalant 'I've got this covered' kind of attitude that is largely out of touch with the gravity of the situation. "

-Scott Martin Thomas


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